RRK logistics parks are suitable for rendering services to production, trade, transit and local distribution. All RRK logistics parks have their own railway branch lines and they have both customs warehouses as well as warehouses for goods in free circulation.

The main activity of RRK is letting warehouse and production premises and rendering the real estate maintenance and upkeep services.

The RRK subsidiary company Estonia Logistics OÜ renders both regular warehouse and customs warehouse services in our logistics parks.

The RRK customers
are first all enterprises whose warehouse needs start from 1000 or more square metres and whose main activities are trade, logistics, forwarding or production. RRK customers are also enterprises who do not wish to tie their circulating capital to real estate, who have difficulties in estimating changes in volumes and/or their activities are seasonal.

Main commodity groups handled in the RRK warehouses are various raw materials, foodstuffs, convenience goods, household appliances, building material, alcohol, paper and goods in transit heading for the markets of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Central Asia.