Main warehouse

General description: Vana - Narva road Logistics Park main warehouse 
Address: Vana-Narva mnt 20, Maardu 
Total territoreal area: 76 000 sqm 
Total building area: 42 500 sqm 
Rooms' area: 11 warehouses (areas 1100 - 2600 sqm), railway nave 6000 sqm 
Useful height: Warehouse height 8.4 m, loading terminals 4 m and railway nave 9 m 
Loading conditions: Car trestle with loading bridges and ramps, railway trestle 
Office space: As shelters inside the warehouse or on the second floor of the same building 
Restrooms: As shelters inside the warehouse or on the second floor of the same building 
Warehouse rental price: 2,35 EUR/ sqm per month   
Rental price office/ restrooms: 5,75 EUR/ sqm per month   
Additional charges: Maintainance fee, utilities, VAT  
Location: 9 km from Tallinn Centre 
Highway connection: At the Vana-Narva road, between the roads of Vana-Narva and ST Petersburg 
Ports' located: 5 km from the Muuga Port 
Railway : Own railway branch 
Public transportation: 100 m from nearest public tranportation station 
Technical data: Non-heated warehouse, non-insulated, stone building 
State of the buidling: Renovated public utility appliances, floors, roof of the building 
Total warehouse area: 40 000 sqm 
Total office space: 330 sqm 
Restrooms in total: 213 sqm 
Flooring: Asphalt, dustless, concrete flooring  
Floor height from the ground: Raised up to loading height 
Floor carrying capacity: 5t/ sqm 
Storage racks: None 
Lifting equipment: 15t bridge crane in the railway nave 
Heating appliances: None 
Insulation: No 
Fire fighting system: Automatic fire alarm system 
Security systems: Interior security systems 
Services' specification  
Maintainance services: Services provided upon additional charge: maintainance of the territory (incl. snow), inner public rooms maintainance. Maintainance of loading bridges, doors, exits, electrical, heating, water, climate control, technical surveillance devices. 
Security service: Gate entrance under video surveillance, 24h manned surveillance 
Communication services: Communication services are provided by our partner  
Car parking: Free of charge 
Truck parking: Free of charge, bigger quantities upon agreement  
Customs warehouse: Logistics Park has several customs warehouses (incl. the customs warehouse of Estonia Logistics OÜ, a subsidiary of RRK) 
Railway connection: Separate railroad track, railroad carriage loading directly from the warehouse in inside conditions 
Storage services: Service provided by RRK daughter company Estonia Logistics OÜ  
Additional charges for rental (average costs/ sqm/ month in 2015)  
Maintenance fee: 0,19 EUR/ sqm per month 
Electricity tariffs: According to the RRK price list 
Water tariff: 4,45 EUR/ cbm 


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