Estonia Logistics

In addition to letting warehouse premises, RRK renders through its subsidiary company Estonia Logistics OÜ the regular warehouse, customs- and bonded warehouse services.

Estonia Logistics OÜ operates only in the logistics parks owned by RRK, rendering services to these customers who cannot or do not wish to handle their goods themselves.

A flexible concept FLEXILADU has also been developed that enables the customers to combine the RRK renting services and the Estonia Logistics OÜ storage services. This possibility is mainly used for depositing in storage with liability of additional short-term or seasonal goods volumes. This way the customer can rent themselves a warehouse according to the average warehouse position, instead of having to take into consideration any possible maximum quantities.

We offer a possibility to store in the Liiva Centre warehouse in Tallinn both the pallet goods and non-standard goods. The warehouse is heatable and in case of need we can guarantee a temperature of at least +16˚C all year round. The warehouse premises are suitable for handling both foodstuffs and consumer goods.

Our storage service with liability includes:

  • Loading of goods from containers/trucks into the warehouse;
  • Verification of incoming goods inventory and conformity to documents t;
  • Placement of goods into storage spaces;
  • Keeping storage accounts;
  • Putting together orders according to the Customer’s instructions;
  • Packaging outgoing consignments (if needed)
  • Loading of goods on the means of transport;
  • Organization of transport from the warehouse to a Customer (if needed).

Secondly, we offer a possibility to bring your stock for storage to the Tapa Logistics Park. In addition to road transport, it is possible in the Tapa Logistics Park to load goods onto rail vehicles. At present, unheated warehouses are used at Tapa, but in case of stable co-operation projects the storage conditions can be adjusted according to the requirements of the goods, monitor the temperature and air humidity regimes.

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Vadi Lepik
Chairman of Estonia Logistics LLC

Mob: +372 52 93 606
Tel: +372 666 3 120
Skype: vadi_rrk
E-post: vadi [at]